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What is the meaning of Charter Reliability Rate?

This terminology is measured by the consistent, successful flights performed by aircraft operators. It is significant to utilize aircraft operators with high charter reliability rates. Unlike the many charter providers in the marketplace, we only put clients on aircraft that have the highest probability rates of success. Yes, the cost per hour for quality aircraft are greater compared to an aircraft operator with low charter reliability rates, but in any event, why would you want anything less than the best?

There are many factors that go into the measures of what comprises an aircraft operator’s high charter reliability rate. Here is a quick glimpse: 1) Aircraft operator holds an ARG/US safety rating; 2) Aircraft operator has multiple aircraft within their fleet; 3) Aircraft operator’s business aviation auditors meet annually and share feedback learned; 4) ARG/US auditors review the aircraft operators manuals and procedures prior to the on-site portion which allows the on-site time to be more productive; 5) ARG/US evaluates 36 functional areas of an aircraft operator’s operation and maintenance procedures before giving them clearance.

Know what you are flying on before getting on board!

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