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The On-Demand charter market continues to out-pace all other segments of the market as fractional programs have fallen 11% in the last three years and hourly card programs have turned obsolete.

Altitude Partners allows clients to utilize any aircraft type and category without the hassles of acquisition costs and monthly management fees. We offer solutions to clients for their private travel needs on a case-by-case basis, which gives clients greater flexibility compared to the stringencies of Jet Card, Fractional, and Aircraft Ownership.

At Altitude, we establish leverage in the charter market by creating competition amongst preferred aircraft owner operators to obtain the best valued aircraft at the most economical price which maximizes the return for clients.

Part of a Jet Card or Fractional Program?

We can work with you, too.

Through the process of Jet Hedging, the Altitude Partners’ team of charter analysts will exploit the gaps within the specified program to our clients’ benefit. We offer inside knowledge on how to conserve the hours toward clients’ programs for future use and at the same time have the ability to offer an equal or greater aircraft at a more economical solution compared to our clients’ specified program.


Upon request, Altitude Partners offers full disclosure of all safe flight operations to clients regarding the following safety reports pertaining to chartered flights that have been booked and scheduled:

  • Safety Certificates in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration & Department of Transportation
  • Trip CHEQ’s in compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration & National Transportation Safety Board
  • Certificates of Liability & Insurance

Altitude relies on third party organizations that audit and rate each individual aircraft operator to determine if they meet safety standards that are acceptable for our clients and us. The two auditing organizations we use to determine an operator’s safety level are Aviation Research Group United States (ARG/US) and Wyvern. The ARG/US and Wyvern reports offer confirmation of compliance with the industry’s best practices, safety standards, and assigned flight crews’ experience.


ARG/US International, Inc is one of the most recognized and respected organizations providing special services to aviation companies involved in manufacturing, marketing, financing and operating commercial and business aircraft. ARG/US is an industry-leading provider of on-site safety audits for commercial airlines, corporate flight departments, aircraft operators and management companies that provide private jet charter and aircraft rental services.


Wyvern is another leading provider of safety and compliance verification in the business aviation industry. Wyvern’s Safety Intelligence System provides verification that top safety standards, compliance with FAA regulations, and the Wyvern Standard are all met prior to takeoff. Wyvern’s worldwide database of operators, crew and aircraft that meet the Wyvern Standard extends to all seven continents.