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Are you paying too much for certain flights by utilizing your fractional share?

By using ARG/US Platinum approved vendors that are approved by all major Fractional Share companies, you are able to offset your current program by 30-40%. Our preferred vendors offer equal or greater aircraft compared to your programs at more economical hourly rates. Savvy customers are able to save their hours throughout the year and avoid having to purchase additional hours at a higher cost or even adding a second fraction, too.

There are no acquisition costs, no long term commitments, no monthly management fees and no escalating fuel surcharges that come with our services. You have complete flexibility to utilize our preferred aircraft on a case-by-case basis and you will see the value in working with us as a result of this.

So, before you book your next flight on your Fractional Share, think again and have us put together the best available aircraft for the trip and let’s compare the numbers side-by-side against your program. You have nothing to lose and all to gain.

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