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Have you ever heard of an “ARG/US approved charter broker?”

This is a term that has been floating around the charter industry for quite some time. It deceives clients and gives the perception that the charter broker is the certified entity in the transaction process for operating flights. ARG/US stands for Aviation Research Group of the United States. ARG/US is defined as one of the most recognized and respected organizations providing special services to aviation companies involved in manufacturing, marketing, financing and operating commercial and business aircraft. ARG/US is an industry-leading provider of on-site safety audits for commercial airlines, corporate flight departments, aircraft operators and management companies that provide private jet charter and aircraft rental services.

If you are well equated within private aviation, you know that a charter broker is only the middleman connecting the client with the certified, FAA air carrier. The charter broker has no operational control over the managed aircraft. The charter broker does not have any authority over the maintenance and discretionary procedures consistent with the FAA air carrier. The charter broker has no insurance liability obligation to the client on behalf of the aircraft operator when traveling aboard their aircraft – the insurance liability rests solely on the aircraft operator. The charter broker has no legal obligation to utilize ARG/US approved, certified FAA air carriers. These points are just some of the many distinctions amongst aircraft operators and charter brokers.

So, why are so many charter brokers marketing themselves as an ARG/US approved charter broker? The answer is simple, it’s called “deception.” Charter brokers want you to think they own and operate the aircraft a client is flying on, but in reality, this is not the case. The charter broker has no obligation to ARG/US nor does ARG/US have any representation of the charter broker. ARG/US is simply responsible for the vetting and information process conducted amongst certified FAA aircraft carriers. So, next time, when a charter broker tells you that they are ARG/US approved, go further and inquire about the safety rating ARG/US certificate for the aircraft being offered to you by the charter broker. The aircraft operator’s ARG/US certificate is what only counts in reality.

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